Reliv Independent Distributor
Our Story

Beth Bachman

     My background is in Physical Therapy and Athletic Training. Before Reliv, I was a busy mom trying to balance home schooling our four children, caring for my elderly mother, and coping with my personal health needs. For 11 years prior to Reliv, I spent considerable time and money working with doctors trying to manage frequent and intense headaches and severe digestive issues resulting from systemic Candida. Even though I faithfully took over 50 supplements each day and complied with a strict diet, my health showed very little signs of improvement. Due to debilitating discomfort from my headaches and digestive problems, I was unable to be the mom and wife and friend that I wanted to be. Then things got worse when I went in for my first bone density test and was diagnosed with osteoporosis … and I was only in my 40s. I told my doctor that I wanted to try a nutritional approach and asked if he would monitor me while I took my Reliv products. He reluctantly agreed. Since drinking my first Reliv shake 12 years ago, my digestive issues and headaches are 95% improved. When I went in for my follow up bone density test, my doctor told me that I was making significant improvement. He and I were both thrilled! Now I only use Reliv nutritional supplements and enjoy a quality of life that I thought was gone forever!

     I was not looking for a business, but as I learned more about Reliv, I was impressed with the products, the integrity of the people and the potential of this home-based business opportunity. I met people who were positive, excited, and making a difference in their lives – and in the lives of others.

Cliff Bachman

     I'm an engineer with an information technology background. Our first introduction to Reliv was in July 2003. Beth and I were both impressed that Reliv is a clean, well-researched product and decided to start our whole family on the Reliv shakes. Beth received life-changing results, and every member of our family has gotten great results as well. However, we were never more thankful for the Reliv products than when life threw us a curve ball, and I received a cancer diagnosis in January 2009: we were told I had Stage 3 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – which was not good news. The treatment program that was recommended for me is called “R-CHOP,” and it is considered strong chemotherapy. My first round of chemo was on January 22, 2009, and I took Reliv the entire time that I was on chemotherapy – even during my infusions. I mention that because it would have been very difficult for me to do that by myself; Beth would mix my shakes for me while I was receiving my treatments. We felt that I needed to get as much good nutrition into my body as I could while I was undergoing chemotherapy. Well, that all paid-off: I transitioned from Stage 3 cancer to full remission in less than 90 days! And we know that the Reliv products played a big part in my recovery.  

     What Reliv did for me was help my body create healthy cells, and withstand the ravages of strong chemotherapy. In fact, throughout my chemo treatments, I was never anemic. I never experienced any fatigue, and I didn’t have even one momentary wave of nausea while on chemotherapy. The constipation that can result from R-CHOP chemo treatments can be extreme, but I was able to manage that challenge nutritionally. I never developed any peripheral neuropathy in either my hands or my feet during treatment, and I never developed any painful mouth sores either. I didn't deal with any discomfort, and all of the nasty "side effects" that they promised me were coming my way never, ever materialized. I never missed a day of work, which was truly a blessing to me and to my family. My oncologist described my recovery as “dramatic and remarkable," and really, my only side effect from chemotherapy was hair loss. Not only that, but my hair began growing back in just before my last two chemo treatments, which surprised all of us! I have been in remission since April 2009, and there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t thank God for the Reliv products, as well as the company that manufactures and distributes them.

Our Business

     12 years ago, Beth wanted to take the Reliv products to see if they would help her. And, admittedly, as a husband, and a father, the most significant thing that I’ve done in the past decade was to put our whole family on these products about 10 days after that conference in July 2003. My rationale was that if we were going to do this, then we would do it together – as a family. However, we did not wait to get our best results before we began to share this blessing with other people. Fast forward to 2015: we have all experienced excellent health results, but the business has been powerful too!

     My 40 plus hours per week corporate commitment, responsibilities at church, and family activities allowed me very little extra time. But I knew that direct sales offered the best opportunity to leverage my time and energy. In spite of that, I had not found the “right” company; that is until we found Reliv. As we watched our family’s health improve through consistent use of the Reliv products, we knew we had our hands on something truly phenomenal.

     With the low start up cost and one-year, 90% buy-back guarantee on our Reliv business, the highest profit level was the only option that really made sense to us. Beth and I have made a profit every single month since signing up as Independent Distributors in August 2003. We earned $127 our first month. That doubled our second month, and it doubled again our third month by helping someone else duplicate what we had already done. Our income has continued to grow. In a calendar month, our highest earnings have been over $2,500 dollars in all forms of income, and I mention that simply because that particular month, I was working 40 to 50 hours per week for a Fortune 500 Company in St. Louis, but that additional income gave Beth the freedom to walk away from her career to home school all four of our children. And having Beth at home with our children when they were young was a blessing that we cannot even put a price tag on! 

     For us, the Reliv opportunity can best be defined like this: we have no employees, no brick and mortar expenses, and best of all – no boss! We have unlimited income potential; there is no “glass ceiling” with what we do, and really, the sky's the limit! Beth and I are building passive-form, residual income that will continue to pay us for the rest of our lives. And best of all, our income is willable to our children, and to our grandchildren, so we can leave them a legacy. We’re grateful for the lives that we’ve positively impacted through our distributorship, and whether improved health OR finances, Beth and I are making a difference in the lives of others as we fulfill Reliv’s mission to Nourish Our World!